Min vän: tack och förlåt för allt

Min vän: tack och förlåt för allt
(my friend: thanks and sorry for everything)

Alhamdulillah..First of all, i would like to thank to Allah because give me Islam and Iman and time to life..i write this essay with full of love and from deep in my heart.  I’m really hope that this essay will make our “ukhwah”  stronger and forever J

First time, when i’m waiting for your arrival in KLIA, i'm thinking about how you are, can i be friend with all of you?? and something else:),,  Yasir, Ummu and I still waiting in Arrival hall and lastly,, i can see your group. Your excited face and the spirit to survive in Malaysia. Honestly i’m feel so small that time, because you are great and so nice. One more thing is..i have to speak in english ..honestly, my english is very bad..But i'm try my best..ha3..

Assalamualaikum, what is your name??

My name is Ensar and this is Faid.  Two guys with “Jalabiah” introduce themselves happily.

i’m Radi. You will be my roommate..:)

The time moving fast, i agreed with what Yasir told us in closing ceremony about the time that we can not forget is when we are in the food court the way to University Malaya. What to eat? Is it spicy? Why fly/flies so much on the table? .i said In my heart.”Welcome to Malaysia. Just feel it” hahahaha..:)

Then we arrived to the college Eleven "Kolej Kediaman Ungku Aziz University of Malaya", it’s take a time to get into the room. I’m so sorry for that, and that time also, you met with the head Coordinator, Prof Madya Dr Wan Suhaimi.. Owh, before i forget..i try to give my help to carry your beg that time, i mean the girls belonging..But you say “no thanks” . I’m try to be gentleman, But..you don’t want me to be that..:(
next time, i have to force you to give my help on that hahahaha..:)

On the night..we have a  “welcoming ceremony” in Rumahku..i still remember, I have a Plasta carbonara suggested by Sister Lejla. J..After that, all of you have the first night in Malaysia. Different room, time and feel J

The next day, after fajr prayer. Yasir “force” me to run with them. I mean with faid and Ensar. Every morning. Ha3..this is my first time i run in the University even i have been here more than one year..But it was amazing and nice to have a run with my new roommates J..,We run every day but after a couple days, Ensar and Faid don’t want to join us..Just, Yasir, Lejla, Asmah and Zuraiya and i keep  running every day.

In the morning, i guide you for UM tour, just to show you, where are the gymnasium, Swimming pool, and LRT University station..then, you went to Megamall for Shop. J every days shopping ha3...
Then, we have an Opening/Welcoming ceremony in Academy of Islamic Studies U.Malaya. i still remember that you introduce yourself and said “ i want to learn more about Islam here”..that is the best wishes from you. You came from Sweden to Malaysia just to learn about Islam. This is  Amazing story, Even here, some of Malaysian that have a big oppurtinity to learn about islam, they don’t want to that. But you....SubhanaAllah..i’m proud with you guys...

Roughly, in the first week, i heard about some of you have a problem with the room, with the food and whether also the Rules And Regulations..:)...but Alhamdulillah we can solve it slowly..About the class also, you learned too much in the first week. I also remember that i got a call from Zuraiya asking about she want to  have a food.,ha3...Lastly, i bought a Mcdonald for them,  and i have the time to talk with Zuraiya, Naida, khadija and Ayan while having that meals .
on the first weekend, you are free to do what you want to do, Shopping or whatever..

On the second weeks you have to continue your school start on 8:30 am and finish at 5:30 pm J .
 and that mean you learned a lot of knowledge J...you walk from College to Class everyday except one day that have a heavy rain, you went to the class by car,. But, two girls, Asmah and Zuraiya still walk in the rain..huhuhu...

On 30 June, we have a first trip to visit the Islamic schools..We have an amazing day that time.  I’m sure that you still remember about that day, with the school kids, With Al Hafiz and Hafizah..i know that you are so happy to have that type of trip..

“if i have a daughter, i want to send he or she to this school” say one of the Swedish girl that had get married .:)

Then, on Friday we went to Internation Islamic University of Malaysia(IIUM)..Yo said that, this university is better than University Malaya..ya..it’s ok ..i agree with you..that university more beautiful  than University of Malaya..he3..ok, After we have a Friday prayer, we have a lunch...and you say that,, that is the best food that you have in Malaysia.i can see, you have your lunch like you did’nt eat about one week..ha3..After we have a time In UIA(university islam antarabangsa/IIUM) , we went to KL town, Times Square, have a “Dr Fish”,, , and have a dinner in Arabian restaurant, but not all of us, because some of you want to go home including Kak Ummu.

The next day, we have a trip to the Mosques.  I can see that you enjoy this trip and one of you said to me
“we don’t have this type of mosque, it’s so beautiful,, In Sweden, we just have a small mosque “ J
For me, the type and size of the mosque is not important, the important thing is, how we use that mosque for ibadah???

The next week, we can see the Malaysia police in our college. You asked me what happened. I told you  briefly and  just wait and see what will happen on 9 July.:)  The time running so fast, i’m so happy with all of you, i’m waiting outside of the class just  want to see you..One moment in the room, i still remember the best words that i heard from one of my roommates:

Ensar:  Radi, I love you Because of Allah..
Radi :  I love you too brother..Just because of Allah...

SubhanaAllah..i love all of you because of Allah and i’m start thinking about you especially my roommates , we have a great time together, every days, Yasir wake up for Ensar, Faid and me,,pray fajr together..do you know Yasir, i’m so respect and proud with you.. You are the best leader that i have and i know in my life.Seriously..i hope that you will get the best wife. It’s the time. You are getting old brother. I suggest you to have a wife from one of the SMA participants..Who?? you have my answer right J
Ah ha,,i still remember also, some of you that love Westlife Songs demand and want to change a room to AC room because of the fan..La3...but we solve that problem and you had cancelled your plan J

And that week, We have a very special trip and will be in my memory forever . Trip to Langkawi, this is my second time in Langkawi same like Ensar and his wife merima. And that time also, i got a new friend, Safwan..ha3..Your face are so malay brother.. I’m sure that all of you enjoy the trip and i want to thanks to all of you for paying me and Ummu for this trip. You are very kind and for me, it’s too much..seem like you don’t want us/me to pay for anything for the whole month ..subhanAAllah..may Allah give the best reply towards your kindness..

Three days in Langkawi gave us a lot of experience, i want to say sorry if i make you hate me especially for my driving style..Ha3...i know, i had drive very fast..That’s me..:(..
Even some of you can't have a chance to have a cable car and see the view of Langkawi from the top of the hill..but i’m sure that our experience also on the top level of our memoryJ.  And the” BERSIH” demonstration also happened on this weekend, thanks Allah because we are in Langkawi, i’m sure that if we are in KL,, you can't go anywhere..he3..

The next week, you have your class as usual and you also have an exam..i can see your efforts for the exam and for your study. You asked me, it’s too much and i answered you, it’s good for you, can you imagine, in less than one month, you had learned a lot of knowledge,,even it’s make you stress, at least you know what you had learnedJ..On 11 July we have a special talk from Naida “‎"Javi se, babo" A commemoration for the victims of the Srebrenica Genocide”,i got a new knowledge that day through your  speech/talk..Cangratulations and thanks Naida .owh,,Naida,,i still remember when i’m taking you and Chayma to the hospital he3.Alhamdulillah, everything is ok right

 On 13 July,
we have a very special match between Arsenal  and Malaysia in Bukit Jalil stadium.All of you are so happy. i can see your excited through your post on your facebook, and want more evidence, you are more Malaysian to me..

“Radi, i’m more Malaysian than you” said Sister Zuraiya that wearing a Malaysia team jersey and holding the Malaysia flag :P

But i can’t finish to watch that game, because i have to go to Kelantan that time. It’s very hard for me to go out from that Stadium and i’m also want to have a time with you because you just have 2 more weeks in my country, but i have to go and just got a result from Asmah through SMS in the bus. Arsenal won 4-0 J..4 days In Kelantan make me missing all of you..:)..i know that some of you went to, Genting Highland, Sunway Lagoon and two couples I mean Ensar and Merima went to Pulau Redang and Faid went to Singapore with his wife Linnea..i’m happy when you are happy guysJ..

The next week, i mean the last week you have your examination..i'm your guardian test that time, so i can see your stress to face that examination..That show you are really want to get the best result...and finally, on the closing ceremony.. You got it..Cangratulation to the best student Ayan..Ayan, i’m sure that your parent will proud with your result and don’t forget to change your profile picture..Ha3..Also congratulation to Yasir and to everyone..guys, you are the best group of SMA..The best ever J...i got a gift from you that day..it’s called snowball, i’m so happy with that gift..it’s so heavy and expensive J..

On that night, all of you went to PWTC to see the Al Quran competition and i went to bus station by motorcycle to take your present that post by my mom from home through the bus..It’s done.:)

Next day, we have a trip to Malacca and that time, i gave my present to all of you. I'm really that you like it.
In the bus, i know one more Swedish girl ,Sofia Khan, she is Safwan khan Little Sister. J. This is one of the best trip that i have,, even i had went to Malacca 5 times, this is the best ever.Just because of all of you , Swedish ...And about the Durian surprise..it’s planned by Yasir..ha3..i know, some of you can’t even smell the durian. Even the durian chocholate that Zuraiya gave to some of you before we depart to Langkawi..ha3..i can see your red face  cheated by Zuraiya.,"you want the chocholate"Jhe3..Honestly, you will never ever try this Durian if your mind setting think that this Durian like a rubbish..ha3...

The time moving so fast..you just have two more days before you leave this country..On Sunday. You start packing your stuff and have a last “shopping” for your family and relative in Sweden..I hang out with safwan,Asmah Zuraiya and Sofia in IKEA,,have a Swedish food called Meatball..Then, went to One Utama, playing a snooker but i’m lost, then playing a bowling with yasir, Asmah, Zuraiya, Safuan, Sofia and one more girl that i kwow , She is Siham from Holland/Dutch..I just want to say that i won two times in two games J...hahahahahaha Awww!! Thanks everyone..

And then i escort VVIP Asmah back to the college..ha3..and all of you have your last night in Malaysia..” i don't know what to say now..just less then a half day before you fly to Sweden..i hate farewell but i have to face it...Every time that you meet and know someone, there always comes a moment you have to say goodbye to them...Parting make us feel sad and at that time we will feel what is the meaning of longing...my friends,deep in my heart, i'm gonna miss you..:(“..I post this statement on the Facebook..

The last day came fastly, we went to the KLIA together, we have a breakfast together but check in ,not together..The last word that can i say.. You make me hard to say goodbye..Fortunately, no one of you cry that time, if you cry, i’m sure that i will cry..but i'm pretty sure that all of you feel the same feeling with me and the person that you left in Malaysia..:(.. Yasir, Kak Ummu, kak Syahadah, back to Ampang, Yasir house and have a lunch together without all of you around..because that time you are in the sky..

When i back to the college, i can feel that you are here, i walked to the room alone. I opened the door, i can feel Yasir,Ensar and Faid on their bed and i also can feel i’m praying with three of you in the Surau ..when, i’m trying to avoid to think about that, my eyes became watery and i’m crying easily..ya,,i’m so sensitive..this is because, i’m really love to all of you because of Allah..i’m really hope that i can meet you again and i will try my best to go to Sweden not ScotlandJ..right now, we can still keep in touch through facebook and Skype..I just created my skype account  name “Asyrady90” my email meor90@yahoo.com J..

Lastly, i just want to say millions of thanks to all of you Yasir, Ensar, Faid, Merima, Linnea, Asmah, Zuraiya, Chayma, Khadija, Ayan, Lejla and Naida...also to my boss Prof madya Dr Wan Suhaimi, my lady boss, Kak Ummu, also to kak Syahadah, kas Su..and everyone that involve in this programme..i’m also want to say sorry / appologise to everyone if i had done something you don’t like..May Allah bless all of us and keep this “Ukwah” until the end of our life..Last wishes from me, don’t forget us in Malaysia, remember me in your pray(doa), also show the islam in your life, spread the miracle of islam in your country and happy ramadhan Al Kareem and “Selamat hari raya juga”....:)..it’s too early to wish that..:)..
That's all what i want to say to you SWEDISH..actually, there is more words i want to say..we can have a conversation online for that he3

-Sorry if there are wrong spelling and grammar..my English is very suck, but i’m sure you can understand what i’m trying to say...:)-


kakyong@ohana said...

This is nice Radi. Since it was so touching and even moved me to tears, I forgive your grammar mistakes=) I think you are the one having the hardest time parting with them, since you have been with them this whole time. But I think you have learnt a lot from them as well, and those knowledge and experience will last you throughout your life time.
Let's always keep in touch, all of us, and may this friendship among us bring much benefit not just in this world but the next too.
P.S: Still want to be the coordinator for next year? =)

Dr Asy said...

ha3,,,ya..i know..i dont want to focus about the grammar, just about what i want to say...ha3....ya,,i got a lot of knowledges and experiance from them,,,about the coordinator for the next year,,,hmm,,i have no idea..:)

NENG said...

so malay radhi..btw..i guess it's nice !!


Dr Asy said...

ha3..ya i know..i just write it without check the grammar or whatever..my target is,,the reader can understand what i want to say..ha3...ya..it's very nice story:(

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah..you're so lucky..you get all of the best moments right after u say 'i’m Radi. You will be my roommate..'^_^